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Reasons Why Buying Marijuana Online Should be legal in all states

Here are reasons to help convince your friends and family to do the right thing and vote YES on legalization:

Legalized Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

How did we end up in a society where the two most damaging drugs—alcohol and tobacco—are the two legal ones? There are over a half-million deaths annually from those two substances. They also lead to countless illnesses and injuries that affect society in health-care costs, lost productivity, and law-enforcement expenses.

Marijuana is non-toxic and has never caused a fatal overdose in over 7,000 years of recorded human use. Its greatest harm is the arrest, incarceration, and lifelong hurdles created by prohibition. Opponents worry about “putting a third legal drug on the menu,” as if marijuana isn’t already the third-most popular drug used in Australia. It’s already on the menu; you just have to commit a crime to order it.

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